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narcissistic women

The Concrete Healing Guide for Abused Men. How to Handle a Narcissist. Divorcing and Co-parenting After a Destructive Marriage. Thriving and Dating Again After Narcissistic Abuse. 


narcissistic mothers

Are you an adult child of a narcissistic mother? Do you suspect your mother has NPD?
If you don’t become mentally and emotionally free, your mother will keep living in your head and affecting your life, even after she’s gone. If you feel like it’s time to change, this book will be the best tool for you.
This book will inspire you to take action to change your situation, moving the first step towards freeing yourself from narcissistic abuse and overcoming trauma. Caroline Foster will lead you into a painful path of awareness, but she will also give you concrete advice to take back your power.

narcissistic fathers

Is your father toxic? Is he ruining your life? Find out if he is a narcissist and how to disarm his manipulations.

Caroline Foster navigates sensitive topics, touching upon your emotional wounds without re-traumatizing. Narcissistic Fathers is designed to inspire a transformative emotional reaction that guides you toward the effective changes you are ready to make in your life. To help with understanding, this book contains several numbered lists.


narcissistic parents

The Complete Healing Guide for Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents.

This book provides a complete picture of narcissistic parenting and gives concrete effective advice to contrast CPTSD symptoms. You will also find practical tips regarding all different situations with narcissistic parents.

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